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Spami2Service.exe (304.42 KB -Date: 01/22/2007 - Downloads: ###Fehler###)
Simply run Spami2Service.exe on your computer and follow the instructions.
Note! Spamihilator must already be installed!
In the Spami settings, the "Launch Spamihilator at Windows startup" option should be disabled!

(Download of Spami2Service)

Source code

Unfortunately, I lost the source code of the installations scripts for Spami2Service. Therefore a Spami2Service update will probably not be created because that would be too much work.



(language selection)

Language selection

Please select your language.
The language selected here is also used in the description of the Spami2Service service.

(installation procedure)

Installation procedure

Simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Service settings

You will find the service settings under the Windows "Control Panel"->"Administrative Tools"->"Services"->"SpamiService".


The most important setting on this page is the Startup Type:
  • Automatic
    This allows the service to be started automatically during a system startup (e.g. reboot) and before the log-in of any users.
  • Manual
    With this setting, the service must be started manually by a user.
  • Disabled
    In this mode, the service cannot be started.
The recommended setting is "automatic" so a user does not have to start Spamihilator manually.
(The "General" tab in the service's properties)

Log On

To control Spamihilator, you should enable the "Data exchange between service and desktop" option. In Windows 2000, this option is called "Allow service to interact with desktop".
The remaining settings can be left as they are.
(The "Log On" tab in the service's properties)

Questions, suggestions and bugs

  Suggestions, bugs and questions should be e-mailed to Mail or posted in the Spamihilator forum.

Thanks to Bob for translating this page to english!